How to write non fiction

Step #3: The common mistakes of writers is overwhelming the readers.


When writing, there’s always an impulse to dump everything you know at once.

It’s more like clogging the readers mind because there’s too much information to process at once.

So, the easiest route is to teach one thing at a time.

i.e. Think small, but also in sequences.

Stick to one simple teaching in each of your book.

Also, aim to expand your audiences mind in one tangible way in each of your content.

Step#4: Your main goal for writing the story should be because you want to make people better!

It is actually similar to the step I mentioned above ‘teach and don’t write’.

You can write about your experiences in life provided that it is focused solely on altering the lives of your audiences.

Also, use a selfless energy to what you put out into the world. I promise that It will come back to you.

Step#5: structure your book like this if you want it done within 7 days or less.

Central Concept
Primary Technique/Exercise
Big ask
Small Ask

If you adhere strictly to these steps and structure we teach at Big Content Pro, you’ll be astonished at the turnout of your book.


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