How to write non fiction

Step #3: The common mistakes of writers is overwhelming the readers.


When writing, there’s always an impulse to dump everything you know at once.

It’s more like clogging the readers mind because there’s too much information to process at once.

So, the easiest route is to teach one thing at a time.

i.e. Think small, but also in sequences.

Stick to one simple teaching in each of your book.

Also, aim to expand your audiences mind in one tangible way in each of your content.

Step#4: Your main goal for writing the story should be because you want to make people better!

It is actually similar to the step I mentioned above ‘teach and don’t write’.

You can write about your experiences in life provided that it is focused solely on altering the lives of your audiences.

Also, use a selfless energy to what you put out into the world. I promise that It will come back to you.

Step#5: structure your book like this if you want it done within 7 days or less.

Central Concept
Primary Technique/Exercise
Big ask
Small Ask

If you adhere strictly to these steps and structure we teach at Big Content Pro, you’ll be astonished at the turnout of your book.



In the process of individually understanding the sports markets, one who bets in sports (betarazzi)- such as sports betting on teams that are professional (examples include Baseball, Basketball, Football) have a flutter of two options at their disposal. One must know that Investing in sports cannot happen with each option not surviving while having a celebration on both sides to fully have a wholesome bet.

These can be categorized as “laying” and “backing” and are representative of both parts of the sports’ market that are open. Sports market could be described from the point of the team who will turn out triumphant to any “prop bets” type obtainable in the game.

To explain “Backing” is to be supportive of your favorite team while investing financially in that team’s favor.

For example, an interest in Swansea City’s probabilities in their succeeding contest beside Liverpool and a decision in checking the handicap market, you notice the ensuing price after logging into your account on Surestakes and see the offer;

Liverpool | -0.7 | 1.120

Swansea City | +0.5 | 2.826

In this kind of situation, favoring the chances of Swansea City, $100 can be placed as a bet on the +0.5 goals of Swansea City. Perhaps the utter win or a draw of Swansea City to Liverpool, can guarantee you a win on your bet and ensure a $82.60 profit. Here, one can say Swansea City has been “backed”.

“Laying”, on the flip side of the market explains a situation whereby one does not like the chance of a team but is still keen on risking the team financially.

In the markets, prices are being laid by bookmakers and have an assurance that when incoming wagers are managed on either side and when a little margin for building in doing so, in order to gain profit.

Actively, bettors can act as bookmakers, “laying’ a selection where betting interaction such as In this scenario, one is forecasting that there won’t be a success in the selection and still is willing to accept the risk. This is not like a bookmaker, where the bookmaker is expected to lay either side to bettors when involved in exchanging of a bet, the only essential is to lay, not backing it.

Laying has a vital role. Laying does not just permit the market to run by considering gamblers that back a selection but through a means of aiding one’s belief and a sureness that an outcome will not happen. This approach is similar to horse racing.

For reason of simplicity, let’s examine a market of horse racing, using a small field.

Horse 2: 2.90

Horse 1: 1.10

Horse 4: 4.10

Horse 3: 3.50

Let us consider the imagined “horse 1”, paying 1.10 with a board jockey that is perceived to perform below expectation. There is no expectation that the horse will turn out the best, yet, one would risk this horse 1 and gain from it. Here, a result for profit can be laid by anyone.


Sports Betting Incorporated is a top betting company.

This company is a conglomeration of professional and seasoned sports betting analyst with a 16 years proficiency in betting.

We involve in teaching people on how to properly bet and win both long and short term in investing in sports. Also, we teach individuals on how to leverage on the ever-growing competitive markets on sports betting, making sure they have better boundaries for participant marketing.

Finally, we provide information on laying, backing and several other betting lesson through an efficient team.


Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Mint oil in a bottle and fresh leaves
Mint oil in a bottle and fresh leaves

Essential Oils have today become an integral part of everyone’s life. Be it a cosmetic product, perfume, soap, every one of us is extensively being using Essential Oils in some form or another. Hydrosol, the condensed water that is left after extracting an Essential Oil with water distillation process, is also something that is highly sought after nowadays. In this article, you will get to know about both.

Let’s begin with discussing some of the commonly used Essential Oils.

  • Lavender Oil: It helps in getting relieved from anxiety and stress. It efficiently rejuvenates the body and also helps in healing burns.
  • Tea Tree Oil: It works on effectively works on skin infection with regular application and is said to be anti-septic and anti-fungal. It is often called as a ‘first aid in a bottle’.
  • Patchouli Oil: It is a choice of senior citizens as it helps their mature and old skin to look younger. It is also used as a moth and bug repellant.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: It is for people who are victim of sinusitis as it helps to effectively clear sinus. It is also used by sick people to get rid of germs and clear the air.
  • Peppermint: It is used in consumable items like tea, candies and medicines. It acts as a cooling agent for skin and is used for cosmetic products like creams, lotions and scents.
  • Rosemary: It will help tiny tots to mug up their rhymes, as it helps in improving memory.
  • Chamomile: It is highly priced as it helps in effectively healing skin problems and rashes.

The two complementary products hydrosol and essential oils are the result of steam distillation process. Earlier, Hydrosols were considered as merely the leftovers of the Essential Oils extraction process, which do not have any kind of usage. It’s only in the most recent times, it has been realized that Hydrosols are exceptional carriers of intelligent vibration impulses of plant life.

  • Lemon Verbena: It has a crisp lemon flavor and scent. It has revitalizing qualities. It adds a good flavor to tea.
  • Cucumber: It acts as a very effective astringent.
  • Sage: It has deodorizing and cleansing properties.
  • Rose: It is used in cooking and good for all skin types.
  • Comfrey: It is a sunburn soother.
  • Lemon Balm: It is anti-depressing, anti-viral, calming and anti-depressant.
  • Jewelweed: It helps in healing rashes.

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